Local, Affordable PC Repair

We will have your computer back up and running quickly without making your wallet sad. We're local --just around the corner from Lake Livingston's Indian Hills Marina Restaurant & Grocery, but if you can't drop it off, we may be able to pick it up or fix it on site.*   We try to keep away from most of the technical jargon so you can find out what's not working and why without having a degree in computer engineering. But for those that may have an idea why it's not working, here is a small portion of our PC services:

  • Virus and Malware Removal, for all those online web game enthusiasts
  • Boot-up and junk data cleaning, so your PC starts when you hit the power button, not 10 minutes later
  • Memory Add --a quick cheap way to speed up a sluggish PC
  • Storage Add, for all those MP3's and pics
  • Windows Re-install, for when all else fails
  • Hardware Replacement estimates
  • Custom Built Desktop Computers and Custom Built Gaming Rigs for cheaper than you think!

We may be able to replace your cracked laptop or phone screen, ask for details. 

*On-site and pick-up cost extra

Contact Us


(269) DJ-88-SOL or (269) 358-8765 (We still have our Michigan number)

Email:  info@DJSolstice.com

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